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About 8 months ago my wife and I adopted Elle, a wonderful British Shorthair from Jen and Jeff Clover at Clover Cattery. We had spent a considerable amount of time investigating catteries and Clover Cattery was the most promising. Jen raises her kittens underfoot, so they are accustomed to other cats, dogs, and people. They are also handled extensively which explains their loving personalities. Our Elle loves to cuddle and generally acts more like a small child. Jen has been in constant contact to help with any questions. We have highly recommended Clover Cattery to all our friends.

It's an adventure getting anything written with Elle. She has this quirk of attacking any pen, pencil or keyboard and knocking everything out of our hand. It's a bit disconcerting to see a keyboard fly off to the floor. Then she has this look of satisfaction. Makes it hard to pay bills. She's so very cute when she does this so she gets her way. We really aren't in control anymore.

-Jeff and Linda

In my opinion this is the only place to buy a kitten.  Jen raises the most beautiful and loving kittens ever.  This is the greatest kitten I have ever owned.  I have purchased from private parties and catteries and they all say hand raised, but Jen truly does hand raised her kittens.  They are wonderful, playful, loving.  They actually love interaction with you....petting, playing, following you.  Jen kept me informed from the time my kitten was born until I picked her up with pics and video.  It was the BEST experience ever.  My Izzie is the best baby girl ever.  Thank you Jen for the most beautiful baby kitty I've ever had.




I would definitely recommend. Jen takes such good care of her cats, they get a lot of love and attention. I got my Abbie from her and she is the best girl. She loves people and has such a great personality. It was all that love and attention given to her as a baby that gave her such a great disposition besides just being gorgeous. I would highly recommend CloverCattery.

- Cindy

Jen is awesome and cares about her kitties and the people they go to! The cats are wonderful and her home is beautiful and clean. I would recommend her to everyone!

- Juli

I have personally watched Jen care for her kitties. She loves each one and takes great care of all their needs. They are well-loved and live in a warm friendly environment. She is completely trustworthy as a business person as well.

- Jeannie

"We are so in love with our two British Shorthair kittens from Clover Cattery.  Lola and Pippa are from two separate litters and are adorable, playful and affectionate with each other and our family.  Everyone that meets them wants to take them home.  Jennifer is extremely ethical and truly loves every kitten born in her cattery.  She is a wealth of information concerning this breed and is great about sending photos and video updates of your kitten feeding and socializing with his/her litter mates.  Clover Cattery is a must if you are interested in what we believe is the best cat breed out there."

- Mike, Lori and Mia


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