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Terms of Service

Here at Clover Cattery, we have a few policies in place that make us a little different. Our contract is in place to protect both you as the buyer, and us as the seller! We ask you review it carefully to understand your commitments. If, in the case that, your British Shorthair develops a terminal genetic health problem within the 1 year health guarantee, our contract does NOT require you to return your loved pet to receive a replacement. We do not believe in removing a loved pet from their home for this. Please see our contract for specific details. All kittens are sold on a pet contract and will be altered prior to transfer to the new family. Pet kittens are NOT undesirable, this just means that they will simply not be used for breeding. Clover Cattery retains the right to hold, maintain or keep any kitten for our cattery FIRST. Deposits are non-refundable and collected before kittens are born for potential candidates to be added to our wait list. This is a "first come, first serve," policy, we go down our wait list numerically, as we feel this is fair. If a candidate opts to wait for a specific color/trait/timeline/etc  in a kitten, they can be transferred to a future litter and will get priority on that list. We do have every family's best interest in mind, so at times we will have to hold a kitten who will need a specific type of family dynamic. Our efforts are in finding our families a kitten that will best match their needs FIRST, not in finding a color to match their desires. 

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