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New Cat or Kitten for Christmas?

It's Christmas and many people will be getting a new furry friend as a gift. It's important to make sure that you provide a proper introduction to your home to lessen the stress of a new environment.

  • Find a quiet, small room for him/her to stay in for a few days.

  • Put the food, water, litterbox and baby blanket in the room with him/her. Also put an item of clothing, towel or small blanket with you and your family’s scents in the room right away. This allows the cat/kitten to have smells from his/her siblings (if purchased from a breeder) as well as your scent(s) to get used to

  • Check to see (after a couple of hours) if your cat/kitten has drank any water and/or used the litterbox. This is very important! Kittens can get dehydrated quickly. (you can use a clear glass bowl and mark the waterline with a dry erase marker if that helps.)

  • Spend time, one-on-one at first, with the him/her in the room where he/she is. Get down to his/her level and wait patiently for him/her to come to you.

  • If the kitten seems ready, bring in multiple family members.

  • Slowly acquaint other pets residing in the home. Be sure to supervise the interaction so that the cat/kitten feels safe.

This process can go as fast as a day or as slow as 2 weeks. Don’t worry, he/she will relax. Some just take longer than others. Also, be sure to have your new furbaby seen by your local veterinarian to get a baseline health check and to be sure there an no problems that you need to be aware of.

Getting a new member for the household can be a wonderful and safe experience for you and your new buddy!

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